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Filtering Bad Reviews

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Building an online reputation (you know, getting killer reviews) is the key to building social proof and driving “no brainer” sales.

“But I don’t want to ask everyone for reviews because I don’t want negative reviews on Google and Facebook.”

I hear ya. That’s why we created Chitter.

Using Chitter, you’ll be filtering happy customers from unhappy customers before they are directed to write a review.

Any “bad” reviews will be filtered to an internal questionnaire (that no one sees, but you). Pretty sweet, huh?

Now, any unhappy customers can vent and write that loooooong upset letter (but it only goes to you directly).

You can follow up with the customer and handle this “off record” without tainting your online reputation.

Here’s the gravy part.

Chitter’s turn-key email automation system requires that you do 1 thing, and 1 thing only.

All you have to do is enter in the email address from the customer when the sale is complete. (We can automate this in some circumstances).


How It Works

Filter bad reviews from good reviews

Ask only happy customers for online reviews

Send happy customers directly to your review page (like Facebook or Google).

... and ask for referrals only from happy customers pretty sweet huh?

And to take your customer service to the next level, Chitter will trigger internal emails to your staff to remind them to follow up with past customers at certain points.

Install Chitter in my Infusionsoft App

Maximizing Opportunities

The most powerful part of the Chitter system is how persistent we are without pestering.

See, most companies offering review services send just one email (or text message) and call it done. Pretty weak.

With Chitter, we use engagement triggers to automatically segment your recipients.

What’s that mean? The right people are getting the right message at the right time.

Each action an email recipient takes essentially “self selects” them into different parts of the campaign.

The result?

Only ask happy customers for reviews.
Only ask for referrals from happy customers.
All automatically.

And at the end of the campaign, you’ll have a segmented list of your customers that left 4-5 star ratings to upsell, re-sell, cross sell, or whatever you’d like...It’s like a review and sales automation system that runs while you sleep.

Actually... that’s exactly what it is.

What Will You Get With Chitter?

3 Review Request Emails

2 Internal Notification Emails

3 Referral Emails

Landing Page to Push Reviews

Landing Page For Negative Review Collection

100% Done For Your Set Up or Do It Yourself With Video Training

If you need more 5-star reviews and more referrals, then Chitter is the turn-key Infusionsoft campaign you’ve been waiting for.

We’ll install Chitter, your review and referral automation funnel, inside your Infusionsoft account in no time!

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