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One-on-one Strategy & Road Mapping for Businesses Using Marketing Automation

Our one-on-one marketing automation road mapping process helps businesses like yours create successful marketing automation campaigns.

The single biggest factor for a successful marketing automation campaign is proper strategy and planning. It's a lot like getting the blue-prints right before you build the house.

We've created the marketing automation road mapping process to help give you clarity around your campaigns. Our proprietary process will help guide you through creating a successful campaign. Once you've had a chance to see how professionals implement successful marketing campaigns, you'll be able to take this process and create many more successful campaigns in the future.

What is a Marketing Automation Road Map, anyway?

We started to implement this process with our clients because we saw so many businesses creating campaigns and automations without real clarity or purpose. They'd open up the campaign builder and get to work. They would connect goals and sequences together without really putting thought into what the goal of the campaign is.

Then they wondered what happened when the campaign fell on its face.

The marketing automation road mapping session is a two-hour meeting, where we'll walk you through our strategy document. We cover all the elements of a successful marketing campaign including:

  • Context and messaging
  • What each audience needs to see, think and do in order for your campaign to be successful
  • Which plugins and integrations do you need to consider?
  • Who is responsible for which step in the buyer journey.
  • The automation milestones your prospects and clients need to take to go from prospect to customer

Once we've covered these items, we'll create a real document that you can take and give to anyone to implement for your business, or you can even do it yourself. The document is yours and included in the price.


You can have us build the campaign and we'll take your road mapping fee and put it towards the cost of the campaign implementation.

Implement your marketing automation tools successfully - we'll guide you.

"Calm, clear, concise"

He understands the software inside and out… He is calm, clear, and concise in his direction and every session with him is extremely productive from start to finish. It would be a mistake if you were looking for help with your Infusionsoft software, and didn’t hire Brett and Blick Digital.

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"An amazing job"

He has done an amazing job in my law firm, taking what had been unused and implementing Infusionsoft in every aspect of my law firm…..I had tried many people before Brett; none of them had gotten the job done…I highly recommend him.

John Fisher
Fisher Malprice Law

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