Infusionsoft Pricing: Everything You Need To Know

Note: The Infusionsoft pricing updated on May 9th, 2018. Below you'll find all the information about what it really costs to get started.

Some of the information found here can be found on the Infusionsoft Pricing Page but you'll also find a lot of other things to keep in mind like add-ons, consultants and how you can save some money when buying Infusionsoft. 

What is Infusionsoft?

Infusionsoft is a CRM and marketing automation tool built specifically for small businesses who utilize life-cycle marketing: attract, sell and wow.

Below you’ll find Infusionsoft’s framework for how they recommend small businesses market themselves using their software.

Just about every business can benefit by applying this framework, but using Infusionsoft’s specific features for CRM (Contact Relationship Management), marketing automation and e-commerce make it easy to manage the whole process with less software.

If you’re looking for an in-depth review of Infusionsoft to find out whether it’s the right tool for your business, check out our Ultimate Infusionsoft Review, which goes into all the features and use cases of the software.

Infusionsoft is the marketing automation tool of choice for over 30,000 small businesses. Here's why:

  1. It’s a market leader in providing big business features at a price small business can afford.
  2. It's extremely comprehensive (includes CRM, automation, e-commerce, sales pipelines, email, landing pages, and bunch of other great features).
  3. Infusionsoft has an active and helpful community of plugins, certified partners and customers.

At Blick Digital, we make no secret about it — we're big fans of Infusionsoft. We’ve used it to help our business grow and we’ve helped dozens of others implement it too.

Infusionsoft Pricing: How much does Infusionsoft cost?

Ok, so you get the idea, Infusionsoft is pretty great. But, no matter how wonderful a tool is, pricing is always a factor. For that reason, we're breaking down the different plans, so you understand what the Infusionsoft pricing will be for your business.

Infusionsoft’s core software includes 1 user, CRM (Contact Relationship Management) and marketing automation on a sliding price scale based on the number of contacts. The more contacts you have in your database, the more money you’ll pay. This is helpful because Infusionsoft is invested in you growing your business. You only pay more when your business grows.

I’ve included all the Infusionsoft pricing details in the following 3 sections and have numbered them as such. First you’ll choose how many contacts you need form the Infusionsoft pricing table (not optional), then you’ll choose your add-ons (optional) and then you’ll choose to add more users (optional).

The following table breaks down exactly what you’ll pay for the core software.

1. Infusionsoft Pricing Table

Note: The pricing in this table may or may not be your final pricing. Keep reading below to see what your Infusionsoft pricing will be when you add more users or modules.

# Of Contacts Included

Price Per Month















Once you purchase your base from the table above, you can add the following options (but they’re not required). Purchasing the base gets you a CRM and robust marketing automation for one user.

2. Additional modules - $59/month

You can choose to ‘upgrade’ your software with additional modules that extend the functionality of Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft currently has two additional add-on modules for different types of businesses.

The first is an e-commerce module, which will allow you to process orders online through a basic shopping cart or order form experience. In and of itself, this may not seem worth the $59/month until you realize that all the transaction history and data will be stored in the CRM against a contact’s record and you can also trigger automation campaigns based on buying behavior of your customers because it’s paired with the marketing automation.

Infusionsoft doesn’t have a robust shopping cart, but if you have a handful of digital products, it works amazingly well. Check out our Infusionsoft review for more information about this.

The second add-on module is a sales pipeline. This module is helpful if your business has a sales team or process where your prospects need to speak with someone before they make a purchase. This module allows you to track the progress of your prospects through a series of sales stages.

What’s helpful is that similar to the e-commerce add-on, you can automate based on certain sales activities because it’s tied into the marketing automation and CRM base product.

Both of these add-on features come with their own set of reporting so you can track what’s going on with your sales and sales team performance.

3. Additional Users - $29/month

The base price listed in the table above includes your first user. That means you only get one login for your Infusionsoft account. Additional user licenses can be purchased for $29/month per user.

I know what you’re thinking; My team can just share a single login.

The answer here is while you technically could share a single login, you’d be missing out on some features of Infusionsoft that can be really helpful.

For example:

  • Infusionsoft has a permissions section, which means you can lock down certain features for your users. For example, some users (like your marketing manager) might only need access to the marketing side, while others (your sales reps) would only have access to the sales part of the software.
  • Users can be ‘owners’ of individual contacts within the system. This can be helpful if you have a sales team and you want to track and/or restrict access for users to view only the contacts that they own. This feature also allows automated emails and other communications to be dynamic, or to look like they come from the sales person individually rather than a generic or automated message from the company.

Infusionsoft Pricing for Onboarding and Getting Started

Infusionsoft also requires an up-front kickstart. This means they’ll partner you with an Infusionsoft expert to analyze your business needs and discuss how you’ll want to use Infusionsoft for your business. These generally include 3-4 calls with their team or an Infusionsoft Certified Partner.

Currently the cost for this required kickstart is $299.

It’s worth noting that just a few years ago, Infusionsoft required a $5,000 up-front fee for this kickstart and on-boarding process. And as little as a year ago, it was $2,000. Infusionsoft is working hard to make their software available to smaller businesses who couldn’t afford the heavy upfront costs that used to be in place.

Note: If you sign up with a partner, they can likely get you a better deal and one that is specific to your industry. If you do sign up with Infusionsoft directly, they’ll pair you with a consultant (either in-house or outsourced) to go through their onboarding kickstart process.

The Infusionsoft onboarding and kickstart process is centered around a methodology Infusionsoft calls the Small Business Success Method (SBSM). The goal of the kickstart process is to help you get up and running with Infusionsoft in as little time possible so your consultant will likely assess your needs, assign action items and then get to work building a few campaigns.

Infusionsoft Pricing Example

Here’s a quick example to show you how the pricing I’ve described above would work. Let’s say I’m a business consultant who sells a high-ticket coaching and membership program.

First, I realize that I have almost 4,000 contacts that I’ll be importing from my old system. Looking at the pricing table, I decide that I’ll want to purchase the 5,000 contact version for $229/month.

Second, I look at their add-ons and realize that I want to be able to store and charge my client’s credit cards within Infusionsoft for my ongoing membership program. For this feature, I’ll need to add the e-commerce tool for an additional $59/month. I might use the opportunity pipeline for my salesperson, but I’ll pass for now and see how things go. I can decide to add it later.

Third, I’ll want to give my salesperson and my assistant their own (but limited) access, so I add two more users at $29/month each.

In total, I have the base product at 5,000 contacts ($229/month) and I’ve added the e-commerce ($59/month) and 2 extra users ($58/month). This brings the total cost to $346/month.

In addition to the monthly pricing, I realize I’ll need to pay the up-front kickstart at $299.

That comes out to $645 my first month and $346/month thereafter.

Note: This is retail pricing and Infusionsoft offers discounts from time to time. You might also find better pricing by speaking with the Blick Digital team. Also check out the section below for my recommended hacks on saving money when buying Infusionsoft.

The Question That Matters: Will I See A Positive ROI?

Because the lifetime value of a client is more than $6,000 in my business, I realize that I’ll need just one additional sale every 2 months to make Infusionsoft worth it for me. I also realize that I’m going to automate and streamline my business using automation and so I’ll be able to take on even more new clients than I was able to before.

For me, Infusionsoft is a great choice and fit because I’ll be able to make more money while also saving time.

Infusionsoft Pricing for Additional Services

Infusionsoft Plugins

It’s worth noting that sometimes Infusionsoft by itself won’t give you the exact features or results you’re looking for without some additional 3rd party plugins. The beauty of Infusionsoft is that it has an open API, which simply means 3rd parties can build plugins and integrations to extend its functionality for your specific needs.

For example, you may want to add some of the following features to Infusionsoft that it doesn’t include natively:

  • Deep membership site integration
  • Full SMS and voice
  • Auto-dialers
  • Deep visual analytics and reporting
  • Video tracking
  • Event management
  • Webinar integrations

Infusionsoft has one of the largest 3rd party integration communities I’ve seen for small business software. This alone can make it worth investing in Infusionsoft over some of its competitors.

Add-ons for Infusionsoft will vary in pricing, but the ones I consistently recommend to my clients cost between $20 and $70 per month.

For a full list of Integration partners and tools, check out the Infusionsoft marketplace.

Infusionsoft Consultants and Additional Training

You should also consider that your Infusionsoft pricing budget will increase if you want to enlist the help of an Infusionsoft consultant. If you’re new to automation and/or CRM, a consultant can help you map out the process of attracting new leads, selling to prospects and wowing customers (see the diagram at the top of this page). They can also help you execute on your plan.

Many consultants in the Infusionsoft space have specific offerings that might help your type of business get faster results. Usually this means additional sales through improved marketing, saved time through automation or simply better organization for your team by using a centralized system.

If you like the idea of learning and doing it all yourself or keeping it in-house, you can also check out some online courses. My favorite comes from Monkeypod Marketing, who specialize in Infusionsoft training.

How to Pay Less for Infusionsoft (shhh, don’t share these hacks!)

1. Purge Your Contact Lists

As previously mentioned, Infusionsoft’s pricing is designed to scale with the size of your business. Before you begin with Infusionsoft, simply purge your lists of inactive and duplicate contacts. This might help get you below the next pricing threshold.

2. Sign an annual contract

Infusionsoft has recently introduced an annual contract. You pay monthly, but agree to pay and use the software for at least 12 full months. This can usually get  you a better deal, but not always. I’ve found some instances where this saves money in the short term, but ends up costing money in the long-run. Make sure to do the math on this one.

3. Buy Infusionsoft at the end of the month or quarter

This isn’t a guarantee, but sometimes Infusionsoft offers discounts at the end of the month or quarter. Salespeople looking to fill their quota will often work with you to give you a better deal when you’re ready to pull the trigger at the end of their quota period.

4. Pass On The Sales Pipeline Module

The sales pipeline module that I mentioned earlier in the article is a great feature of Infusionsoft. It allows your sales team to track sales through the stages of the sales process. I personally use it in my business to track deals, so I know the value.

However, the regular CRM can be modified to act similar to the Sales Pipeline module. This isn’t always recommended, but if budget is a concern, this would be something worth exploring.

5. Work With an Infusionsoft Certified Partner

This is a little secret most businesses don't know about. If you choose to sign up for Infusionsoft through an Infusionsoft Certified Partner, you can likely get a better deal and work with someone specific to your industry. Click the button below to get in touch with Blick Digital to see if you can save money on Infusionsoft.

Next Steps and Recommendations

If you’ve made this far and you’re thinking Infusionsoft is a tool that can help your business grow, you’ll want to speak with someone who can analyze your unique business case.

Click the button below to get in touch with someone from the Blick Digital team and we’d be happy to make sure it’s the right fit for your business and that you’re getting the best price.

Interested in speaking with someone about Infusionsoft? Get in touch with our team.

Be sure to check out our Ultimate Infusionsoft Review to see the types of businesses we recommend that use Infusionsoft and those that should avoid it.


Once you’ve analyzed your long-term goals and determined which package you need, get in touch with our team to make sure you’re getting the best offer.

Every businesses needs to make their own decision about investing in Infusionsoft. Remember you’re not just investing in a software, but in a new way of doing business (automation can forever change the way you do things).

Infusionsoft’s stated mission is to help small businesses succeed. At the end of the day, this is what drew me to Infusionsoft; their intense focus on helping entrepreneurs and businesses thrive.

Did I miss something? Leave a comment below if you have any questions I didn’t address in this article.

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