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Sometimes you need to collect additional information on an Infusionsoft order form (above and beyond what Infusionsoft gives you).

Maybe you want to send a T-shirt to your client after their order and you need to know what size they wear, or you want your client to create their own password before checkout (this comes with other additional steps not outlined in this blog post), or maybe you just want to gather the client’s website address or birthday.

You can’t currently collect any of this information on an order form without some additional setup. So we have a couple of solutions for you.

If you need to add a terms and conditions checkbox, check out this post.

Solution 1 (very technical): Add additional  or custom fields directly to an Infusionsoft order form

Initials steps for adding each of the following custom items:

  • In the order form builder, select the HTML Areas tab.

  • Paste your HTML code (we will provide code below)in the “Product Information” box and click “Save”.

    Infusionsoft Order Forms
  • Click “Preview” to see your changes or toggle over the “Links” tab and click on the URL. ( You may need to clear your cache or open the order form in an incognito window to view the changes immediately. )

Adding custom fields:

  • To find the database name of a custom field, navigate to the Custom Field settings in Infusionsoft (Admin > Settings; click “Go” next to where it says “Contact”)

  • Click on the link above the custom field box that says “ View the field database names (for the API)"

    Infusionsoft Order Forms

  • Scroll down to the field you want to use, and copy the name in the Database Name column.

    Infusionsoft Order Forms
  • Use this database name to replace the “DatabaseName” in the HTML code provided above.

  • Replace the text “Your Custom Field” with the public label you want on this field. The label will fit inside the field and tell the contact what information you are looking for here.

Adding Infusionsoft fields:

  • To find the Infusionsoft Field Name you will need to complete a few steps:

    • Create a webform in the campaign builder.

    • Add the field you want on the order form to the webform

    • Click “Test” in the top right-hand corner, and choose your user.

      Infusionsoft Order Forms
  • Once the form opens up, right click the field to open and choose “Inspect” or press Ctrl+Shift+I. (This instruction will work in Chrome.)

  • In the Element screen, the Infusionsoft Field name is the text in quotes following Name=(starts with “inf_field_”).

    Infusionsoft Order Forms
  • Use this field name to replace InfusionsoftName in the code provided.

  • Replace the “Your Infusionsoft Field” with the public label you want on this field. The label will fit inside the field and tell the contact what information you are looking for here.

Solution 2 (easier): 2-Step Checkout process with webform in front of an Infusionsoft order form

Create a webform(or landing page with a form) that contacts will fill out before going to the order form. Set the Order Form up as the thank you page for the webform and pass the contact’s details.

  • Create your order form or have the link to the desired order form handy.

  • Create a webform with all the additional fields you are hoping to collect at the time of purchase.

  • Add the order form link as the Thank You Page URL and check “Pass contact's information to the thank-you page" 

    Infusionsoft Order Forms

  • Passing the contact’s information to the Thank You page will pre-fill the fields where information was already collected. (This way the contact won’t have to type their name and email address again).

  • Connect the button on your sales page to load the webform or page with the webform first:

    • You can embed this form on your website or connect the form to a pop-up (instructions for this step not included in this blog post)

    • Or you can send them to a designed webform or Infusionsoft landing page (legacy builder not the new builder, as the new builder does not currently support custom fields.)

  • Once your contact has completed the initial form, they will be directed the order form that you set up as the “thank you” page.

  • The information that you collected with the webform will be saved on their contact record for you to access as needed.

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Brett is the founder of Blick Digital, a marketing automation agency. He’s an automation nerd, a top ASU Marketing graduate, and was honored to be the TIME Person of the Year in 2006. He's one-half Australian (g’day mate), grew up on an island and now calls the Arizona desert his home with his wife and two kids.


  • Nancy says:

    Great article and thanks for including the code. You are a Ninja at Infusionsoft for sure.

  • Vanessa says:

    What about adding these to an order form? I was able to successfully get the drop down to show on the form by changing the dabase value Contact0 to Order0, but when a purchase is made, the value selected on the order form doesn’t appear in the order record.

    • Brett Farr says:

      Hi Vanessa – thanks for checking out the article. I’m not sure Infusionsoft will add those details to an order. I’ve never tried it, so there might be a way to do it directly. If you want a more reliable way, you can also look at a tool from Novak Solutions called Contact to Order, which will take a contact custom field and put the data into an order record. You can check it out here:

      Hope this helps!

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