The Blick Digital Business Toolbox

I’m confident there has never been a better time to start or own a business simply because the amount of apps and tools available to make it easier. The list you’ll find below is a (regularly updated) list of tools we use at Blick Digital that makes running/growing a business and delivering work much easier.

Recently I attended a webinar from good friends Greg Jenkins and Mark Zalewski about the amazing tools available to businesses these days. It inspired the following list. You’ll find only a handful of affiliate links (marked as such), but only because I’m absolutely confident in these products or services.

Infusionsoft: All in-one-sales and marketing tool for small businesses (affiliate)
ActiveCampaign: CRM and marketing automation (affiliate)
ClickFunnels: Build sales funnels and landing pages with an easy-to-use interface (affiliate)
WebinarJam: Marketer-focused webinar tool
Pexels: Free images for your marketing
Canva: Online graphic design tool
Wistia: Video hosting with analytics
PicSnippets: Customize images by embedding text

Project Management
Trello: Simple Kanban-style project management app
Breeze: A minimalist’s version of Trello, but will nice features like time tracking and reporting.
Ora: An all-in-one solution for collaboration, projects/tasks, chat, timelines, kanban/ scrum, and time tracking (this is the one we use) 

Favorite Infusionsoft Add-ons
Memberium: Wordpress plugin to create membership websites (affiliate)
AccessAlly: WordPress plugin to create membership sites with order forms and LMS (affiliate)
Graphly: Get graphs and charts to show Infusionsoft data (affiliate)
FixYourFunnel: Send and receive SMS campaigns using Infusionsoft
PlusThis: A whole array of great Infusionsoft mini-tools (affiliate)
Zapier: Integrate your other apps to Infusionsoft
Spiffy: Create beautiful Infusionsoft order forms (affiliate)
Fortapay: A simple customer billing portal for Infusionsoft invoicing (affiliate)
SalesMsg: Simple, scalable 2-way texting, SMS marketing, & calling (affiliate)

Website Tools
WordPress: Standard website building tool
Thrive Themes & Landing Pages: WordPress plugin/theme built for marketers
Yoast SEO: SEO Tool for optimizing on-page SEO
PureChat: Chat tool that integrates with Infusionsoft (affiliate)

Utility – Daily Drivers
Evernote: Take and organize notes on anything
Skype: Universal chat tool
AppointmentCore: Allow others to schedule themselves on your calendar (integrates with Infusionsoft)
Zoom: Meet online, share screens and record your meetings
Google Apps/Drive: Suite of business tools any small business can’t live without
Deep Focus Spotify Playlist: Curated playlist from Spotify to help stay focused
Todoist: Great for task management

Photoshop: Even knowing a little goes a long way
HTML Sig: Create great-looking email signatures Realtime online HTML Editor
Upwork: Find great professionals to help with your tasks and projects Build your customer journeys using this free flowcharting tool
Camtasia: Record professional-grade screencasts

Blogs/Content Creators
Digital Marketer: Great content for experienced marketers
MonkeyPod Marketing: Stay up-to-date with all things Infusionsoft (affiliate)
Blick Digital: Hey, it’s my list, I can do what I want

Chrome Add-Ons
Momentum: Chrome add-on to help avoid distraction
VideoSpeed Controller: Great timesaver to speed up YouTube, Vimeo and Wistia videos
LastPass: Must-have tool to keep and share all your passwords
Grammarly: Checks your grammar and typos
StayFocusd: Allows you to block distracting websites
Tango: Browser extension that generates step-by-step workflows while you work 
Hippo Video: Record your screen with branded pages, password protection and lead capture.


Your turn; Which tools does your business use that I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments below.

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