How to Create Two Contacts with one Infusionsoft webform

Infusionsoft doesn’t allow for creating two contacts with one webform by default. Generally, you’d have to use the API. Not with this trick.

I had a client who recently asked if it could be done, and the answer is yes…with a little Infusionsoft know-how. This video will walk you through the process.

Some people have asked what type of scenarios would this be good for. This would be a great if you have:

  1. Events where one person is registering multiple contacts
  2. Husband/Wife or couple where one registers both contacts.

UPDATE 1/1/2021: Infusionsoft/Keap has made updates that have broken this feature. My recommended solution is to now use a 3rd party tool like Zapier to handle the creation of multiple contacts from a single webform. Because it uses the API, it will be far more reliable than this solution.


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