How Much Should You Pay a Marketing Consultant in 2023? (Ultimate Guide)

Marketing automation consultants assist organizations in developing and implementing efficient marketing strategies. Like any other profession, marketing consultants are paid based on experience and skills.

Automation consultants aren't always required to implement the strategy they have designed or suggested. Organizations mostly hire marketing automation consultants for consultation and guidance on their brand's marketing strategy. 

Furthermore, unlike permanent employees, marketing automation consultants can be hired as needed and paid by the hour. This allows you to listen to the advice of multiple marketing consultants simultaneously. 

With the help of an effective marketing automation consultant and a sound marketing plan, your brand may soar to new heights. But how much will this cost you? 

In this article, we will discuss what you should expect from a marketing automation consultant and what hiring one will cost you. We will also give you a realistic idea of how much marketing automation consultants are paid worldwide and in different industries.

Let's dive into it!

What does a marketing automation consultant do?

The role of marketing automation consultants is to assist businesses in effectively implementing and establishing their marketing strategies. They also help businesses automate their strategies. Implementation and planning are fundamental aspects of a marketing consultant's work.

Marketing automation consultants aid businesses in streamlining, automating, and measuring marketing processes and workflow. As a result, operational efficiency will improve, resulting in faster revenue growth. 

A marketing automation professional ensures that your company starts with the right marketing automation plan, selects the right technologies for the business ecosystem, and confidently executes campaigns with them.

Generally, a consultant is paid to advise businesses in a specific field of expertise. Marketing consultants are in high demand, and rightfully so. A good marketing consultant can help identify and eradicate bottlenecks in your brand's marketing strategy. 

Businesses should be looking for qualified marketing automation consultants, particularly those with specialized abilities in sponsored or organic search, social media, product marketing, email, etc. An automation consultant with a piece of in-depth knowledge of automation software can be extremely beneficial for your business.

Developing a more successful approach for their marketing efforts is a difficulty that many organizations face. An experienced marketing automation consultant can help create a brand identity, formulate a brand strategy, or conceptualize a marketing campaign.

You might be tempted to employ a full-time marketing consultant to save money. Because most small businesses cannot afford this, it is best to hire individuals on an "as-needed" basis. In addition, once you are familiar with automation, you won't need consultants anymore. 

If you're attempting to save money on marketing, create a clear, well-thought-out project brief before engaging an automation consultant. 

A marketing automation consultant can provide effective strategies and approaches to help organizations reach their goals and enhance performance (or even do both.) It all depends on what your business requirements are. 

For example, suppose your business requires content marketing. In that case, a consultant can provide the following:

  • Keyword research.

  • General areas of interest for prospective customers.

  • An outline for a year's worth of content ideas. 

The same is true for videos and other forms of material. It is totally up to your company to select a consultant with knowledge in a specific marketing area.

You can also use automation software to help with your brand's marketing. It is possible to run your marketing on autopilot by using services like those offered by BlickDigital.

Factors influencing marketing consultants' pay

Many factors, such as the size of your organization, incentives offered, and industry demand for the position might influence the pay scale of a marketing automation consultant. Additionally, the skill set and experience of the candidate also act as influencing factors.

The four major factors influencing a marketing automation consultant's pay are mentioned below.

Special skill

A marketing automation consultant's skills play a major role in determining their remuneration. When marketing assistants have higher-level or in-demand abilities, they are paid more. Multilingual people, for example, can be paid more than monolingual people.

A marketing automation consultant's education and various certificates might also influence their pay. An increase in salary of up to 8% can be expected for professionals with professional credentials like the Certified Administrative Professional title. 

Furthermore, a Microsoft Office certification indicates a lot about a candidate and can impact how much your organization has to pay them. Advanced expertise in PowerPoint, Excel or other applications may also result in a better starting salary. 

Using BlickDigital's automation software, you won't have to worry about skills if you're using their services. The software is designed by using input from the best marketing consultants in the field. 

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Relevant experience 

The salary of a marketing automation consultant may vary depending on their level of expertise. There is a better pay scale for experienced marketing assistants. Individuals with expertise in administrative, customer service, promotional, or even sales jobs can be expected to be paid better.

A marketing automation consultant without prior experience is unfit to advise other organizations and brands. Although years of experience are not essential for a consultant, they must have planned and developed marketing techniques they may share with your business.

A marketing consultant won't be aware of potential problems or be able to offer insider expertise if they don't have any experience in doing so.

With Blick Digital's automated strategy assessment, you will be able to identify and eliminate any issues with your current strategy. Through this automation assessment, you will learn what strategies work best for your brand and how you can incorporate them into your business.

Job location

Marketing automation consultant wages vary widely depending on the region and state of your business. You're probably not surprised to learn that businesses pay marketing automation consultants more in larger cities and urban areas than in smaller cities and rural areas.

The region of the job significantly affects the remuneration of the consultant. A job in a third-world country will pay less compared to a relatively developed country. 

It is also important to consider whether a marketing automation consultant works in an office or remotely when determining the pay. Since it is a consultancy job and is handled on an as-needed basis, most agents prefer to do it remotely to save money.


The size of the company and the industry in which you work influence the income of a marketing automation consultant. Automation consultants in the fastest-growing industries, such as manufacturing, finance, healthcare, and real estate, could expect to earn more than those in other industries.

Larger corporations often pay more and provide professional administrative training or tuition reimbursement benefits. As a result, if you intend to offer such incentives, you may need to decide on the consultant's salary accordingly.

Marketing consultant salary across the world

Brands engage marketing automation consultants worldwide to increase their sales and consumer interaction. The salary of a marketing automation consultant is determined by where the country or region they work in. In industrialized countries, fast-growing businesses tend to pay more.

Marketing automation consultants can be found all around the world. Every country has marketing specialists paid well by brands for their marketing strategies and guidance. The average remuneration of a marketing consultant in each country is listed below.

United States

According to job statistics by ZipRecruiter, marketing automation consultants in the United States typically earn $47 per hour on average, accumulating approximately $98,402 per year.

Marketing automation consultants, who make up the bottom 10% of that spectrum, earn around $25,500 annually, whereas the top 10% earn around $201,500 annually. Automation consultants make the most money in California, Texas, Washington, Oregon, and Delaware.

Surprisingly, data show that living far from large cities does not affect salary since marketing automation consultants can operate remotely and with firms of various sizes, from small startups to Fortune 100.

For instance, despite being far from major cities, Oregon's average marketing automation consultant pay ($84,681) is higher than that of New York ($74,162) and Florida ($74,162).


According to various statistics, the average marketing automation consultant salary in India is ₹1,058,400 P.a. This salary goes as low as ₹564,000 P.a and goes as high as ₹2 million. 

This number can also vary from city to city. Large corporations in urban centers, like Delhi and Mumbai, are likely to pay more than small startups. 

If you're considering a career as a marketing automation consultant, keep in mind that remuneration should be weighed against living expenses and take-home pay in any particular country. 

A flat in Delhi, for example, can be rented for less than $200 per month; hence, the typical yearly marketing pay consultant salary in India, which may sound low to Americans, is a livable wage.


A typical marketing automation consultant in Bulgaria earns approximately BGN 15/- an hour or BGN 30,803 per annum. This pay estimate is based on salary survey data from Bulgarian businesses and anonymous employees.

This salary range is subject to change based on the marketing automation consultant's talents and education. Furthermore, the cost of living in the city where the employment is located might determine a marketing automation consultant's income.

New Zealand

In New Zealand, the average annual income for a marketing automation consultant is NZD 108,019. This means that they are paid roughly NZD 51.93 per hour.

In New Zealand, an entry-level marketing automation consultant having 1-3 years of experience can expect to earn NZD 76,877 per year. Similarly, a senior-level marketing automation consultant with an experience of 8+ years is paid an average salary of NZD 133,738.

South Africa

A marketing automation consultant's salary in South Africa is R 260.58 per hour or R 541,996 per annum. The base salary for entry-level positions is R 388,734, whereas the average yearly salary for experienced workers is R 676,254.

A market automation consultant's pay in South Africa can be subject to variance because of differences in the profile, their demand in the market, and overhead expenses associated with different consultants.


On average, a marketing automation consultant in Japan earns JPY 8,004,483 per annum. The equivalent hourly rate of this figure is JPY 3848.31 per hour. 

The typical compensation for a marketing consultant at an entry-level position is JPY 5,683,601. In comparison, the average pay for a senior-level marketing consultant in Japan is estimated at JPY 9,887,351.


A marketing automation consultant's pay in Norway is estimated to be NOR 829,766 per annum. This figure includes bonuses and incentives of NOR 29,683 per annum. 

Due to various factors, the above-mentioned figures can differ from city to city and person to person. Additional pay can also be a cause of the difference in pay. Additional Salary options include commission, tips, cash bonuses, and profit sharing.

A marketing automation consultant in Norway earns the equivalent of USD 64,500, despite 38.20% income taxes and somewhat expensive living expenses, particularly in well-known cities like Oslo.


A marketing automation consultant in France is expected to be paid € 53,286 per annum. The lowest salary for a marketing automation consultant in France is € 50,000, and the highest is € 62,000.

Although these figures were true at the time of publishing, they are subject to change.

Marketing consultant salary across different industries

The salary of a marketing automation consultant is influenced by the size of the business and the sector in which you work. The highest-paying sectors for marketing automation consultants to work in include those with the quickest economic growth, including manufacturing, banking, healthcare, and real estate.

The lack of real-time data makes determining a marketing automation consultant's salary in a specific business or industry fundamentally problematic. Many variables influence the true figure, making it difficult to determine. 

Specific industries, however, have historically paid consultants greater money overall. This is because some industries have bigger profit margins or are highly regulated. These industries demand specialized knowledge of marketing and pay consultants accordingly. 

Banking, finance, and pharmaceuticals are examples of industries with high levels of regulation and profit margins. Restaurants and non-profit organizations, on the other hand, often have far lower profit margins and are, therefore, less profitable. Here, automation consultants tend to be paid less. 

Furthermore, the size of the company for which you are hiring an automation consultant may have a significant impact on the individual's salary. It is quite simple, the bigger the business, the better the salary, and vice versa.

Michelin-starred restaurants will almost certainly be able to pay higher fees to a marketing automation consultant than a small startup. Similarly, a tiny credit union will not be compelled to pay as much as a giant worldwide financial juggernaut.

Automation tools like ActiveCampaign and Salesforce are a few marketing automation software. This software can help you improve your marketing strategies, thus removing the need to hire a special marketing consultant. 

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The role of marketing automation consultants is to assist businesses in establishing and implementing effective marketing strategies. You can eliminate bottlenecks in your brand's marketing strategy with the help of a good marketing consultant. 

There are multiple factors influencing the marketing automation consultants' salary. These factors include the skill and experience of the consultant. Additionally, the job location, as well as the industry of the occupation, are also the determining factors. 

The pay of marketing automation consultants varies all over the world. Those working in Urban centers are paid more than those working in Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs). Marketing consultants' salaries are also influenced by the cost of living in the city where they work.

If you're interested in hiring consultants for your business, BlickDigital has got you covered. You can read our blog and learn about business automation, among many other things. 

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