How To Find The Open Rate For Any Campaign Builder Email

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]UPDATE: The March 2016 Infusionsoft release added this functionality directly into Infusionsoft. You can still use this report for things like opt-outs (which the new update doesn’t include), but this information is now easily found within the campaign builder reporting tools. AWESOME!


If you’ve used Infusionsoft for any amount of time, you’ll have come across the question, “what’s the open rate for my emails sent from the campaign builder”? It’s a good question, because there’s no quick and easy way to find that information….until now.

While I’m sure Infusionsoft will eventually add this functionality into the product, here’s a quick work-around to get the data TODAY using Excel or another spreadsheet tool. This video will also show you how to find the click-through rate.

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