How to Include ☺Icons and emojis in an Infusionsoft Subject Line

Maybe I’m new to this thing the kids are doing, but it seems like emojis are all the craze these days. They’re popping up in texts, social media and now…email.

Adding emoji-style icons, sometimes called glyphs, to your subject lines can increase your open rate and engagement (plus it makes you look hip).

Take a look at my inbox below. Which subject line stands out to you?


There are a few options for making this work using what’s called Unicode Symbols, but it’s not bullet-proof. Not all email clients support this, so be careful and selective in how you use these.

Also, be aware that you don’t want to overdue it or you could run the risk of fatiguing your email list with these types of subject lines.

For Infusoinsoft, follow the table below and include the MIME Encoding where you want the character to go.

Find others here.

Name Character MIME Encoding
registered symbol ® =?utf-8?B?wq4?=
euro  =?utf-8?B?4oKs?=
trademark symbol =?utf-8?B?4oSi?=
counter clockwise  =?utf-8?B?4oa6?=
clockwise  =?utf-8?B?4oa7?=
checked box  =?utf-8?B?4oqg?=
delete key  =?utf-8?B?4oyr?=
circle star  =?utf-8?B?4o2f?=
mystery box  =?utf-8?B?4o2w?=
enter key  =?utf-8?B?4o+O?=
eject key  =?utf-8?B?4o+P?=
copyright  =?utf-8?B?4pK4?=
play button  =?utf-8?B?4pa6?=
diamond  =?utf-8?B?4peK?=
record button  =?utf-8?B?4peP?=
sun  =?utf-8?B?4piA?=
umbrella  =?utf-8?B?4piC?=
snowman  =?utf-8?B?4piD?=
black star  =?utf-8?B?4piF?=
white star  =?utf-8?B?4piG?=
black phone  =?utf-8?B?4piO?=
white phone  =?utf-8?B?4piP?=
check box  =?utf-8?B?4piQ?=
checked box  =?utf-8?B?4piR?=
exed box  =?utf-8?B?4piS?=
shamrock  =?utf-8?B?4piY?=
index finger – left  =?utf-8?B?4pic?=
index finger – right  =?utf-8?B?4pie?=
skull & crossbones  =?utf-8?B?4pig?=
radioactive sign  =?utf-8?B?4pii?=
biohazard  =?utf-8?B?4pij?=
peace  =?utf-8?B?4piu?=
sad face  =?utf-8?B?4pi5?=
white sun  =?utf-8?B?4pi8?=
white smiley  =?utf-8?B?4pi6?=
black smiley  =?utf-8?B?4pi7?=
moon  =?utf-8?B?4pi+?=
female  =?utf-8?B?4pmA?=
male  =?utf-8?B?4pmC?=
black spade  =?utf-8?B?4pmg?=
white heart  =?utf-8?B?4pmh?=
white diamond  =?utf-8?B?4pmi?=
black club  =?utf-8?B?4pmj?=
white spade  =?utf-8?B?4pmk?=
black heart  =?utf-8?B?4pml?=
black diamond  =?utf-8?B?4pmm?=
white club  =?utf-8?B?4pmn?=
music note  =?utf-8?B?4pmq?=
music notes  =?utf-8?B?4pmr?=
flat (music)  =?utf-8?B?4pmt?=
natural (music)  =?utf-8?B?4pmu?=
sharp (music)  =?utf-8?B?4pmv?=
recycle 1  =?utf-8?B?4pmy?=
recycle 2  =?utf-8?B?4pm6?=
recycle 3  =?utf-8?B?4pm7?=
handicap symbol  =?utf-8?B?4pm/?=
die – 1  =?utf-8?B?4pqA?=
die – 2  =?utf-8?B?4pqB?=
die – 3  =?utf-8?B?4pqC?=
die – 4  =?utf-8?B?4pqD?=
die – 5  =?utf-8?B?4pqE?=
die – 6  =?utf-8?B?4pqF?=
white flag  =?utf-8?B?4pqQ?=
black flag  =?utf-8?B?4pqR?=
caduceus  =?utf-8?B?4pqa?=
atomic symbol  =?utf-8?B?4pqb?=
fleur de lis  =?utf-8?B?4pqc?=
warning sign  =?utf-8?B?4pqg?=
scissors  =?utf-8?B?4pyC?=
airplane  =?utf-8?B?4pyI?=
email  =?utf-8?B?4pyJ?=
writing hand  =?utf-8?B?4pyN?=
pencil  =?utf-8?B?44pyO?=
check  =?utf-8?B?4pyU?=
x  =?utf-8?B?4pyW?=
black flower  =?utf-8?B?4py/?=
white flower  =?utf-8?B?4p2A?=
snowflake  =?utf-8?B?4p2E?=
black 0  =?utf-8?B?4pO/?=
black 1  =?utf-8?B?4p22?=
black 2  =?utf-8?B?4p23?=
black 3  =?utf-8?B?4p24?=
black 4  =?utf-8?B?4p25?=
black 5  =?utf-8?B?4p26?=
black 6  =?utf-8?B?4p27?=
black 7  =?utf-8?B?4p28?=
black 8  =?utf-8?B?4p29?=
black 9  =?utf-8?B?4p2+?=
white 0  =?utf-8?B?4pOq?=
white 1  =?utf-8?B?4pGg?=
white 2  =?utf-8?B?4pGh?=
white 3  =?utf-8?B?4pGi?=
white 4  =?utf-8?B?4pGj?=
white 5  =?utf-8?B?4pGk?=
white 6  =?utf-8?B?4pGl?=
white 7  =?utf-8?B?4pGm?=
white 8  =?utf-8?B?4pGn?=
white 9  =?utf-8?B?4pGo?=
right arrow 1  =?utf-8?B?4p6e?=
right arrow 2  =?utf-8?B?4p6z?=
left arrow 1 =?utf-8?B?4p+1?=
right arrow 3  =?utf-8?B?4qSQ?=
overlapping boxes  =?utf-8?B?4r+7?=

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