How to Pre-fill an Infusionsoft Order Form with a Promo Code

Offering discounts to your prospects and customers is great way to boost sales when used correctly. Inside in Infusionsoft, you can add promo codes to your campaigns that will help excite prospects and get them to purchase from you.

The problem is that unless you know what I’m about to show you, your contacts must retype or copy and paste the promo codes you offer into the order form. This makes it a clunky user experience.

Why not just send them to the order form with the promo code and discount already populated? You can...keep reading below to learn how.

This guide will show you how to pre-fill your Infusionsoft order forms with a promo code and instantly display the discount:

Step 1: Apply the HTML code

  • In the order form builder, select the HTML Areas tab.
  • Paste your HTML code (we will provide code below)in the “Product Information” box and click “Save”. (Paste the code as is, no custom updating needed.) 

*Note: This code alone will not make any visible changes to the order form.

Apply this code to each of you order forms and order forms templates if you desire. 

Here is the code that allows you pass the promo code with the form

Step 2: Create the promo code

*Skip this step if you already have your promo code configured.

You can follow the steps in the Infusionsoft help center to create your discount and promo code.  

Here is the link to the help article

Step 3: Add the promo code to the URL with a query string

Copy the URL for the order form and add this query string behind the link:


*Update what follows the equal sign to the actual promo code you would like to use. 

Your full URL will look something like this:

Repeat this process to create additional promo codes and URLs with query strings to pass different promo codes for the same order form to different list segments.

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