[Infographic] Where Does Infusionsoft Fit in the Marketing Funnel?

Considering Infusionsoft for a marketing tool in your business or wondering where it fits in your business and overall marketing strategy? This infographic will help you see a ‘bigger picture’ (yes, pun intended on that one).

Where Infusionsoft Fits

Time and time again, I see businesses purchase Infusionsoft before they know what they’ll do with it or where it will fit in their marketing strategy. The infographic below shows where Infusionsoft fits and maybe just as important, where it doesn’t fit in your marketing strategy. The biggest mix-up is that quite often people will associate Infusionsoft as a marketing tool and assume it will help them with generating awareness and interest for their brand.

While Infusionsoft makes a great lead nurturing tool, it’s not really built for your top of funnel marketing efforts. In other words, Infusionsoft won’t fix an awareness or interest problem. Infusionsoft is a great tool for capturing contact details of people visiting your website or landing pages.

But there’s still good news for your business.

A lot of businesses think they have a lead generation problem when in reality they have a lead nurturing and conversion problem, including my own (hey, no one is immune to this). They’re just not closing the leads they already have. THIS is where Infusionsoft comes in and helps you close the gap.


Using marketing automation, you can augment your current marketing efforts to deliver carefully timed and crafted marketing messages to the leads you already have in an effort to push them down the funnel towards a sale.

In my opinion, there isn’t a better tool than Infusionsoft to do this.

See where exactly Infusionsoft fits in this infographic

Click to see full size.



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