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2 How to Send Handwritten Cards From Infusionsoft

Incorporating offline tactics in a marketing strategy has become a lost art. As a student of digital marketing, I often forget the power of offline marketing tools like good, old-fashioned handwritten cards. Yes, digital marketing gives you the ability use data to make better decisions and track conversions. It’s also opened the playing field for smaller businesses […]

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1 [Infographic] Where Does Infusionsoft Fit in the Marketing Funnel?

Considering Infusionsoft for a marketing tool in your business or wondering where it fits in your business and overall marketing strategy? This infographic will help you see a ‘bigger picture’ (yes, pun intended on that one). Where Infusionsoft Fits Time and time again, I see businesses purchase Infusionsoft before they know what they’ll do with it or […]

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How to Build Expiring Links in Infusionsoft to Create Urgency

Expiring links are an amazing way to create a sense of urgency in your prospects. If you’ve read Robert Cialdini’s book about Influence, you’ll see how this fits perfectly into his ‘scarcity’ principle. Marketers have used this tactic for decades and now you can automate the process in Infusionsoft. In the video below, I give an example […]

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