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How to Build Expiring Links in Infusionsoft to Create Urgency

Expiring links are an amazing way to create a sense of urgency in your prospects. If you’ve read Robert Cialdini’s book about Influence, you’ll see how this fits perfectly into his ‘scarcity’ principle. Marketers have used this tactic for decades and now you can automate the process in Infusionsoft. In the video below, I give an example […]

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3 Track Which Emails Produce Results in Your Infusionsoft Campaigns

If you’ve read some of my other blog posts (Leadsource ROI Reporting, Trending open rates in Infusionsoft), then you’ll know I’m a big fan of reporting and getting accurate information from Infusionsoft. This article will show you how to get more information from your campaigns to make informed decisions about your email content and calls […]

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1 A 4-Step Guide to Launching Marketing Campaigns That Actually Work

Does this article look too long to read? Check out the downloadable template at the bottom. Having worked with hundreds of businesses, I’ve seen too many marketing campaigns that are thrown together at the last minute and launched just because ‘we’re in a time-crunch’. Know the feeling? Before you launch your next shoot-from-the-hip marketing campaign, […]

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