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How to Easily let your team update Infusionsoft contact records ‘on-the-go’ (without logging in)

Problem:Updating Infusionsoft contact records when you’re out in the field or on-the-go can be really difficult. Infusionsoft’s mobile app doesn’t always give you the functionality you need to update contact records (like custom fields) and logging into and navigating the browser version of Infusionsoft is near impossible on a mobile device. Here’s a typical example I’ll […]

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3 Secrets to Sales Funnel Success

Intro to Adam Bensman: The following article is written by a contributor, Adam Bensman from Brain Hickey. Adam is a master copywriter, who knows how to grab an audience’s attention by creating fun-to-read, conversion-focused copy. He and I have worked together on several projects and he’s one smart guy worth listening to. You’re about to learn the […]

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3 The Blick Digital Business Toolbox

I’m confident there has never been a better time to start or own a business simply because the amount of apps and tools available to make it easier. The list you’ll find below is a (regularly updated) list of tools we use at Blick Digital that makes running/growing a business and delivering work much easier. […]

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